Green roofs and vertical gardens

By introducing new technical solutions, gardening can become an ideal complement to bioconstruction and sustainable architecture. Green roofs and vertical gardens should be seen as something more than merely functional components; both elements can provide character and personality to individual buildings as well as entire neighbourhoods.

Today, green roofs are increasingly viewed as naturalised spaces, where plants and animals can thrive. They give nature back to spaces where it has disappeared due to urban land consumption. Ecological roofs are a perfect example of how gardening can be applied to new architectural trends: they help convert roof space to green areas in an ecological and intelligent way. These new uses for landscaped roofs lead us towards an immediate future filled with fascinating projects, seeing how no other element of sustainable architecture has developed so many technical innovations in such a short amount of time.

Green façades or vertical gardens applied to architecture have become a spectacular demonstration of gardening potential, creating truly unique spaces. Through innovation and the introduction of new technical solutions, we can face new challenges and offer gardening as a complement to new architectural trends. Plant walls, for example, can be used both indoors and outdoors provided that the designers know how to choose the most suitable plants for the location. We train our staff and use the appropriate material, making sure we can carry out this kind of work on walls at height with guaranteed success.

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